Staying fit while traveling the world


It goes without saying that being healthy and consistent with your workouts is one of the hardest things to do whilst traveling. It’s just too easy to say “well this is my cheat week.” I’m not going to lie and say that every trip I go on I workout everyday. That’s impossible and I would never. I don’t even do that at home. What’s important is that you listen to your body and understand when is the right time for a break. I’m going to guess that it’s not during your 2 week excursion to Scandinavia.

My outlook on fitness is centered around #1: being healthy, #2: looking good. Being healthy is SO so important, I can stress it enough. No matter what trip you’re on, how much money you have, or what promotion you just got. If you’re not healthy, none of it matters. So for me, I break down my fitness into three different levels that I’ve figured out throughout my life.

  1. Intense, focused, consistent.This type of training is my baseline. This my every week, consistent level of training. For me, it includes 3-4 CrossFit workouts, 1-2 yoga sessions, and mixed active activities (biking, paddle boarding, swimming) every week.
  2. Active, agile, energetic.This is a unique one as I normally don’t stay in this for very long. This would include my trip to Hawaii where I hiked every day, or a couple days walking around a theme park. It’s being very active and loose, but not necessarily going to the gym, yoga studio, or doing anything extremely “focused.” Sometimes I even do this while at home and just cut out the CrossFit or metcon work outs and up the yoga and active rest.
  3. Active rest.You will know when this part needs it’s turn. I haven’t yet determined when or why my body decides it needs a week or two of active rest, but I can just feel it. My body needs a break from the high heart rate workouts, and more recovery. Now I’m not someone who can sit on the couch for a week (a day, no problem), so this time is often filled with the “I have to do something” mentality. This is when I hop on the paddle board, run on the beach with the dog, or maybe get into a yin yoga class.

When I travel, I normally stick around the #2 and #3, but it really depends on who I’m traveling with. If you’re visiting a new city and the weather is good, you’re most likely hovering around #3 anyways since you’re walking constantly, exploring and seeing as much as possible. Here are some real-world examples of what I did while visiting some amazing places.

Stockholm, Sweden

When traveling with some of my friends, we usually tend to want to “drop in” to a CrossFit gym while on our trip. It’s a great way to meet locals, find out what’s happening in the city, and get a unique and different workout in that you’re not used to. While in Stockholm, my friend Carlos (@broski02) and I really wanted to check out CrossFit Solid and Nordic CrossFit, some of the bigger names in CrossFit. Unfortunately we only were able to get to CrossFit Solid, but the workout and staff were great. Our coach Simon (@simon_mantyla) is a CrossFit Games athlete with a unique perspective on the warm-up and workout, which was a beast:

150 KB swings @ 70lbs
Every time you put the KB down, do 50 double unders.

Give that a shot and let me know how it goes 🙂

Oslo, Norway

While visiting Oslo with a different Carlos (@squatdoctor), we also decided to drop in to a local CrossFit gym we found only 3 blocks from our AirBnb, CrossFit Christiania (@crossfitchristiania). It turned out to be a great little gym with a really cool underground vibe. We didn’t attend any formal classes and just used the open gym 4 out of the 6 days we were in Oslo. Everyone was super nice and accommodating, giving us a great rate to do what we wanted to do.

Honolulu, Hawaii

There isn’t really any greater way to spend a birthday than a couple weeks in Hawaii visiting one of your best friends. We hiked every single day, something I could get really used to. There are so many trails in Hawaii it’s amazing, they never get old as each one is unique and brings it’s own set of challenges. We also decided to go to his gym, CrossFit 808, for a partner workout over the weekend. Doing these types of workouts in the morning energize you to keep going throughout the day; if you start slow, you’ll end slow.

Boquete, Panama

While visiting the home country of my ex-girlfriend, we ventured up to Boquete, an amazing small mountain town in Panama located in the western-most Province of Chiriquí. Both being extremely active people normally, we wanted to get some sort of “workout” in during our stay. Thankfully our AirBnb host (you’ve got to check out our AirBnb) also owned the local rock climbing school and invited us to try rock climbing, something we’ve both been wanting to try for a long time. This was an AMAZING way of getting a workout, being social, and also seeing some beautiful parts of the country. Beware: If you’ve never rock climbed before, you WILL be sore the next day, and it’ll feel so good!

Being active is the most important part. You’re not going to PR your front squat while you’re on vacation in London, so keep your focus on consistency and the other benefits you yourself, get from working out. This could be the exertion of stress, the positive mental attitude after a good sweat, or just the feeling you get from an amazing yoga class in an amazing environment.

Whatever your inner reasons are for working out, focus on accomplishing those while traveling and you’ll be in a better place.

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